A Delayed Update

Good afternoon everyone! I’m so sorry not to have updated in so long. I am still very much in business – in fact, more business than ever before. Thank you so much to everyone out there who’s bought work from me off of Ebay, or who’s sent commission work out to me here in Massachusetts. I sincerely can’t thank you enough.

Here’s some work from the last few months! Let me know if you’d like to see more. I’ll post more soon.

Happy Painting,


Photos! Happy Spring

Though good heavens, is it cold out for spring! Hopefully everyone’s staying nice and warm. Exciting things on the way for Old Rogue this summer I think – fingers crossed all goes according to plan. Still absolutely taking commissions and still charging what I did ten years ago 🙂 Take care out there everyone!

Happy painting,


Long Overdue Updates

Good evening everyone! Happy 2022!

I’ve got pictures for you, don’t fret. It’s been a very busy 2021 for me – lots of lovely new clients, neat projects, etc. I’m hoping 2022 has much the same. This is still my full-time gig so if you want anything done up, big or small, please drop me a line at oldroguepainting@gmail.com and I’ll do my very best to make sure you’re happier than before you sent the email 🙂

Happy painting! More photos soon! (Especially happy with the Warmachine/Hordes Grymkin – the new Isaiah, Dread Harvester and the Defiled Archons!)


Old Rogue Is Moving House!

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been so quiet recently. I wanted to share the good news that Old Rogue is moving to a larger studio/house in Middleboro, Massachusetts, over the next week or so. I’ll be back in action on the 17th, fingers crossed. Hope everyone out there is healthy and happy. More photos soon – I’m still accepting commissions and painting up a load of older models for Ebay (or my own pleasure, hah).

Happy Painting,


Old Rogue Painting Services

Happy MayDay!

Or very nearly! The pollen is killing me but here’s some work from the last few days, as per the usual. Looking forward to show season starting back up again and SEEING ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!!

Happy painting!


Happy May!

Happy May, everyone! Work’s picking back up – thank you, each and every one of you who stuck with me during the Pandemic. Looking forward to getting games in at my FLGS in just a few weeks! Here’s some work up on Ebay or done for clients in the last few days. Hope you’re all healthy and happy as can be. Happy painting!