Happy MayDay!

Or very nearly! The pollen is killing me but here’s some work from the last few days, as per the usual. Looking forward to show season starting back up again and SEEING ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE!!

Happy painting!


Happy May!

Happy May, everyone! Work’s picking back up – thank you, each and every one of you who stuck with me during the Pandemic. Looking forward to getting games in at my FLGS in just a few weeks! Here’s some work up on Ebay or done for clients in the last few days. Hope you’re all healthy and happy as can be. Happy painting!



A Few Photos

Just a touch of work – things haven’t been super busy (almost certainly due to the pandemic) but I am still painting basically every day! Hope everyone out there is safe and sound and happy as can be – will see you on the convention circuit soon, I hope!

Happy painting,


Good morning everyone! Happy weekend! I woke up early and found myself with some free time – got these done up in about two and a half hours. Really love the new Chaos Cult sculpts, wish they weren’t quite so bad in Age of Sigmar – but what can you do.

Happy painting (and weekend) everyone!


WordPress has recently changed how we post, and I’m slowly figuring out how to use it! Anyhow, some recent work – more photos coming over the next few days. Thanks to everyone, as always, for your generosity and patience. Happy painting!


Some Quick Updates

Hi there everyone! Things are busy over here at Old Rogue, thought I’d pull up some photos for you to enjoy.  Still stuck at home due to the virus but plowing through commissions for all that – give me a shout at oldroguepainting@gmail.com if you’re interested in having an awesome project done up for the time when we’re all able to go out again!

Happy Painting,