Some Khador Work, and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  It seems like a lot of people had a bit of a downer of a 2014.  Let’s hope that 2015 is fantastic, then!

Here’s some work I got finished up for a client recently – decided to have a little photo shoot.  Stay tuned for some Jaga Jaga and Helga pictures, and the new Dark Eldar Wrack models, if I can ever get the spare hour to finish them.

Take care,


DSCN3455 DSCN3456 DSCN3457 DSCN3458 DSCN3459 DSCN3460 DSCN3461 DSCN3462 DSCN3463 DSCN3464 DSCN3465 DSCN3466 DSCN3467

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