State of the Rogue Nation, 2017

Whew! It’s March. I’d better update the ol’ website.

Er, it seems to have been a while.  Oh gosh, it’s been a real while, hasn’t it?  I just sat down to paint a Guild Ball team and, uh, well, thirteen months have gotten away from me.  So I suppose it’s time for a review of where ORPS (I love that acronym) has been, where it’s going, and of course a ton of photographs.

Last year I painted over four thousand models – mostly for other people.  So many lovely people have sent me so many incredible projects, both large and small. There are far too many to list!  I’ve done work with Warmachine / Hordes, Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar, Infinity, Dropzone Commander, tons of Bones and Reaper models, and even some of Games Workshop’s old Epic models.  The last are mine. My precious, precious Epic models, whom I love so dearly.

But surely, I hear you cry, that’s no reason for a grown man to forget to update his business website for thirteen months! What else has been going on?

Well, my lovely wife and I finally went on honeymoon, a few years later than planned.  We visited Italy and talked some about our future plans, when we weren’t being rolled home by friendly Italians after eating far too much every evening.  We talked about maybe looking for a home when we returned from Europe.  Two weeks after Italy, of course, my wife and I found the perfect house, and the rest of the year became selling the old place, purchasing the new, and moving all of our stuff – and Old Rogue – to a new home.  Now I have a great big room in which to paint all sorts of lovely stuff.  And to display my Epic models in all their 6mm glory.  Sweet, sweet Epic.

And then CaptainCon 2017 showed up and here we are, updating the website.  I really should be better about this.

But! The best news I have saved for last.  The fantastic folks at Forge Prints have asked me to help offer a painting service for their latest Kickstarter project, Foundations 4: Rise of the Mimics.  I have a very high standard for projects I wish to work on, and I am very pleased to say that the models I’ve seen from these guys are second to none in production value.  They go together well, they’re unique, fun to paint, and I giggle whenever I put down a Mimic chest near my goblin army in the basement.  I feel like goblins would get eaten by Mimics very, very often.

Anyhow, here’s the first image I’ve received from Forge Prints concerning this lovely Kickstarter project.  I will share more as I get them!  This starts off in about a week, so please stay tuned.  Also, I’ll get more photos up as soon as I get time to sort them.  Should be in a day or so.

Happy painting,



Displaying foundations4banner.jpg


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