Genestealer Cult and Mimic Update

Almost all the mimics are done now – less than 100 to go – so naturally I celebrated by finishing up a personal project of mine. These guys are the Genestealer Cult. An alien infected a ton of them (that’s the big purple/blue one) and they all mutate and follow the alien with complete loyalty until everyone rises up and overthrows the planetary government. It’s an extreme process dictated mostly by prophecy and the positions of the stars – so I like to think these guys are constantly getting the signs and prophecy wrong, and are a little group of oddballs rising up pretty much every six months – same vehicle, weapons, etc. Somehow they mostly survive to lick their wounds and await the “true” signal, over and over!

Anyhow, thought you all might like to see. More to come shortly if you like Dwarven Forge – stay tuned!


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