Kickstarter Update

Good morning!  For those of you checking in on the Kickstarter this morning, you’ll have a message from Kevin (who owns and operates ForgePrints) in your inbox.  I don’t want to reiterate what he’s said in too much detail here, but essentially the following has occurred:


So far Old Rogue has painted – roughly, according to my estimates – about six or seven thousand tiles and accessories for this Kickstarter.  A good many of these were floor tiles.  They took spraypaint fine, and took paint fine, and once they were done I boxed them up and brought them down to Kevin.  Unfortunately it turns out that the mold release agent was used in too high a quantity and, over time, chemically bonded with the primer.  This resulted in some flaking paint, especially on the adobe floor tiles.  Naturally this sets us back a bit, both financially and with release time.

Fortunately, once the tiles are scrubbed a bit in warm water, and primer reapplied, they take paint fine.  All the mold release agent has been removed by the initial priming, and it doesn’t rub off unless you really, really work at it – say, with a rotary grinder! So we don’t have to recreate the thousands of tiles I already put paint on, which is good news for everyone, especially Kevin, as this resin is top quality stuff and not cheap!

All this means for Old Rogue is that I work a lot longer hours for the foreseeable future, and order a lot of paint.  It’s a setback, but there are a few things I’d like you to keep in mind if you would.

Firstly, Old Rogue is absolutely still taking commissions and trying to turn them around in a reasonable time frame.  I’ve done loads of work for people since CaptainCon and don’t see any amount of tiles changing that.  So many of you have come back for additional work over the years and I appreciate that so much.  The tile refurbishing will all be done in my own time and shouldn’t actually take all that long – I’m getting really good at painting tiles.

Secondly, I want to reaffirm that I have always been committed to pushing out the best quality for your money.  There were a number of ways whereby we could have tried to “seal the paint in” with a varnish or similar product; but instead we’re getting you guys the best painted tiles that we can. I’m never going to back away or reduce my commitment to that.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me.  I always love talking with you good folks.  And now it’s back to the painting mines for me 🙂  Have a lovely commission for some post-apocalyptic roleplayers to finish up today.

Happy Painting – and thank you all for your understanding and patience.


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