Taking Criticism

Morning all!

Quick update – business is good, getting the business cards printed.  Can’t say things have really taken off yet but I’m trying to give it time.  Gotten a few largish contracts this month and am already making more money than I did at corporate.

The business has only been live for about two months, and I’m learning to deal with some awkward situations. One of them has been negative criticism – normally I’m all for people critiquing my work, but the stuff that’s genuinely meant to be hurtful or backhanded makes my guts knot.  I’ve been trying to think about why this is – at corporate I just sort of shrugged it off, but when it’s talk about my work I reckon I must just take it personally.  Suppose I’m going to have to figure out a way to just think of it as people being jerks and move on with my business.

Anyhow, going to post a few photos for you all to enjoy – need to make some more money this month and buy a real lightbox, of course.  After the business cards arrive maybe!


DSCN2764 DSCN2767

Signing off,


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