More Work and Upcoming Projects


Nagash promises to be one of those “home alone all weekend” projects – haven’t really thought him through yet aside from some gold-and-black armor, I think.


The start of a Circle commission I’ve taken from a nice guy named Matthew – should have these finished up by next week.


Some Llallese (not sure on the spelling!) Gun Mages – just threw them up on Ebay, we’ll see how they do.  Had a blast painting them, almost sorry to put them up for sale.


Una the Falconer.  Again for Ebay – real shame about this model is how tricky it was to put together, but she finally held!

Other News –

So the troll army sold to a wonderful young gentleman who hopefully will get a great deal of enjoyment out of it.  I hope to do more work for him shortly, so stay tuned for an Extreme Dire Troll sculpt and some runebearers!  Also I have business cards now, so be sure to remind me to give you a few when we meet up next!

Until then,


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