Behold, More Work!

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on recently – lots of Khador and Trolls still.  Also a Gator army I did early this year, for reference.

More to come 🙂  Happy painting, my friends!


BattleMechaniks1 Bearka1 Bearka2 Boomhowlers1 Boomhowlers2 Boomhowlers3 Butcher3 Butcher3Closeup CroakHunters1 DrudgeTest1 Elssa1 Elssa2 FancyGator1 GatormenPosse1 GatorShaman1 HuntersGrim1 HuntersGrim2 Kovnik1 Rask1 Rask2 Spitter1 Spitter2 Squiddles1 Squiddles2 TrollChampion1 Wrastler1

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