Fusion Forge 3D Printing Work

*war 75179901_865978057138744_8938458775614914560_ndrums in the distance*

If you like pina coladas, and also model miniature wargaming terrain, WATCH THIS SPACE. Fusion Forge 3D Printing has very graciously asked me to paint an example piece from their (frankly) very wide-ranging and high quality library. I’ll be posting pieces of this over the next few weeks almost every day. When their website goes live I’ll also be posting that a bunch – should be live at the end of next week. They’re a lovely husband and wife team, ex-military and very professional.  I’ll post things here as they’re finished – tomorrow is a priming day for all this and then it’ll hopefully be at least a piece or two a day.  So excited!!


Happy painting,

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