CaptainCon! Terrain Photographs!

Good morning everyone! Old Rogue is travelling to CaptainCon in Warwick, RI this weekend!  We’ll be there around eight in the morning this Friday the 7th, and stick around all through Sunday.  If you have models you’d like painted or would just like to stop by and chat, please feel free to stop by.


Also, since I know folks will doubtless be hungry for pictures – some pictures!  Mostly of the terrain done up for Fusion Forge, though there’s loads more in the works – including things that aren’t terrain!  Ali and Shanan will be there with FusionForge 3D Printing across the way from us at CaptainCon, but I’m not sure I can say whether they’ll have a ton of new and exciting stuff with them or not   I might not be allowed.




Happy painting,






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