April 2020

Here’s what Old Rogue is doing to help with CV19 –


*Staying inside

*Painting your stuff

End of list.  I’m already a homebody, and while my spouse is climbing the walls I just sit here with my paintbrushes and think, “Isn’t it nice and quiet for a change?”  In seriousness I hope you’re all safe and sound, and hopefully in good spirits.

Along with commission work – of which there has been plenty, thank you all as always for being so generous with your patronage! – I’ve been painting up models for FusionForge 3D Printing at fusionforge3dprinting.com – Ali, the owner, is a fabulous, hardworking and honest gentleman who has me working on Lost Kindgoms’ models right now.  They’re for sale painted or unpainted at his website, for lower than my usual prices.  Feel free to take a look!

And here are photos, yes, yes, I know it’s what you all show up for.  Take care and stay safe!

Happy painting,



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